Components Landing Craft Boom Beach

Published on August 27 2016

Landing Craft is a boat carrying your troops. Increase the level and number of Landing Craft you to increase the number of troops you bring to the battlefield.

Facts about the Landing Craft
Landing Craft in addition to carrying troops, as well as a place to buy troops.
The increasing level and the number of landing craft you are, the more troops you can take it with a larger size unit.
One Landing Craft can only carry one type of force alone.
If you change the troops on Landing Craft, then the cost of the previous forces will be refunded.
The light on the Landing Craft: Green = full; Yellow = moderate train; Red = empty / no empty slots;
Landing Craft can still be used when upgraded, but it can not reload / train.
When you lower the opponent's troops on the coast, troops will be heading towards the flag before your opponent building.

Views Landing Craft every level

Upgrade information, capacity, and others on Landing Craft


Components Landing Craft Boom Beach

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